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Sean Dana Photography launches new site

Added on by Sean Dana.

Welcome to seandanaphotography.com Check out the site for access to all of my projects, galleries, and my newsblog. I have struggled over the last few years to get to a point where I could completely control my website identity. WordPress is a powerful tool for website development and I use it on all three of my sites. Thanks for coming by check the blog secti0n for exhibition and event news. Cheers, Sean Dana

http://seandanaphotography.com   All of my Photography Galleries and projects, plus the latest news on my Photography career.

http://seandanapress.com/   The project site for my "Press" project. This is a Multi-Media Museum which includes Photography, Video's and Interviews, and an eventual book. The site details the footprint of a powerful but now fading newspaper industry.

http://www.7gproductions.com/  This is my video production company site. In business for 12 years 7G productions is a San Francisco based post-production company. We specialize in Motion Graphics, Editorial, and all phases of Post Production including Music Composition. Check out the site to current work and a blog detailing current projects.